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Cash Chats UK Money & Personal Finance podcast

Jan 29, 2020

If you get your TV via Sky or Virgin Media then you're paying far more money than you need to. It's possible to dramatically cut how much you pay and still watch all the channels you want.

Yep that includes the likes of Sky Atlantic, Fox and Discovery, and even Sky Sports. And you can still get multi-room viewing...

Jan 22, 2020

There are hundreds of apps designed to help you save, make or better manage your money - but which are the best? Andy is joined by his friend Jordon Cox - aka the Coupon Kid - to take a look at the ones they use on their phones and the ones which are a waste of space.

Find out which apps will earn you money off your...

Jan 15, 2020

Mid-January is one of the peak times for people applying for balance transfer credit cards.

In this episode Andy has explored how you can clear your credit card and store credit debts and reduce how much they're costing you.

Find out how to make a 0% balance transfer card work for you, and why it might not be the magic...

Jan 8, 2020

January is peak holiday booking time, with "early bird" deals tempting people to book now and have something to look forward to during the dark winter months.

In this episode Andy has taken a look at whether you should be booking now, or if you should wait. Plus his tips for making sure you're getting the best value for...