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Cash Chats Money & Personal Finance podcast

Jul 22, 2020

If you were too ill to work or died suddenly, how would your family pay the bills?

This week I'm joined by my friend Kara Gammell, a personal finance journalist and money blogger. She's passionate about spreading the word on protection insurance - from critical illness cover through to life assurance, so I thought she'd be the perfect person to help give some insight into why many of you should probably get it.

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Cash Chats is presented by money blogger and broadcaster Andy Webb.

In 2020 the podcast has been featured as one of the top finance podcasts by Apple, Good Housekeeping and the Independent.

In 2019 it was awarded Best Money Podcast at the SHOMOS - the UK Moneybloggers annual awards.

On each Cash Chats episode you can hear Andy share ways to get the most from your money. He's often joined for friendly and accessible conversations by a friend from the UK Money Blogger community to cover topics as diverse as freebies and investments. Then at the end of each week stay tuned for a bonus “deals of the week” rundown of the hottest offers from the last seven days.

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